It gives me great pleasure to recommend Loren Gutentag, a dedicated, conscientious and hard-working journalist.

Loren was the site editor of our busy website during daily, night and weekend shifts, responsible for breaking news, assigning writers, editing copy, posting videos and photos, and overseeing email alerts to our subscribers.

She displayed great judgment at all times and, as executive editor, I was always confident that the site was in experienced hands during her shifts.

In addition to running the website, she also undertook all scheduling, training and calendars for our editorial team.

I strongly recommend Loren for her keen work ethic, sound judgment and experience, and positive personality. She will be a huge asset for any organization that values these traits.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,

Ken Chandler, Executive Editor at Newsmax Media, Inc. 

Loren Gutentag is one of the most energetic, conscientious journalists I’ve worked with over the last three decades. What she may lack in experience, she more than makes up for in smarts, drive and perseverance. She has a tremendous work ethic and was a key go-to person on my team.

She often put to shame more experienced journalists twice her age. Loren was not only in charge of organizing the editorial side of Newsmax – responsible for schedules, training, calendars, etc – she also was a site editor responsible for breaking news coverage, writing assignments, and layout during daily, night and weekend shifts.

This involved making split-second decisions in a very competitive news environment with an eye on both our audience and SEO. She’s both easily approachable and no-nonsense – key attributes in journalism. She has great news judgment and a terrific “spidey-sense” – anticipating what could go wrong and working to make sure it doesn’t happen.

In short, she was often responsible for stories, videos and photographic material that reached across all the properties at Newsmax, from the web to television as well as finance and health. As should be apparent, I can’t say enough good things about her. It’s rare that you find raw intelligence and mature judgment in one package.

Please feel free to reach out to me any time if you need more details.

Tim Collie, Managing Editor at Newsmax Media Inc. 

I first met Loren when she joined Newsmax in February 2014 as an editorial assistant. At the time, I was working as editor of TheWire, a section of devoted to driving organic search traffic with trending news stories.

Our professional paths didn’t overlap much until 2016 when we teamed up to lead an upgrade of’s Content Management System — a project that may have been a bit outside both our comfort zones.

Working with Loren brought such a sense of relief because I knew that any task she executed would not only get done, but get done the right way. She is meticulously organized, with an attention-to-detail unlike anyone I’ve ever worked with. She happily delves into new subject matter and learns as much as she can. Because of this, and the fact that she is always willing to go above and beyond, our project was a success.

During her time at Newsmax, Loren not only excelled in her various roles (from day-to-day duties such as administrative scheduling and execution of contracts to managing a staff of writers and reporters and running an entire news operation as weekend site editor), but she actively sought out work and offered a helping hand no matter the task.

Loren is ambitious and determined — the two main ingredients for a successful career in the media industry.

I feel very confident that Loren will succeed in any future endeavors she seeks and she has my sincere recommendation for any such position.

Alexandra Ward, Digital Content Editor at Newsmax Media


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Loren Gutentag. I have known Loren for two years from working with and alongside her on the South Florida PBS Health Channel. 

As one of the hosts of The Health Channel, it is of utmost importance that our producers are not just knowledgeable and efficient, but that they also exhibit an eagerness to be well-informed, proficient, and highly educated, especially when it comes to writing scripts and educating our viewers in such in-depth topics within the medical field. 

Loren exceeds expectations on all of the above. When I receive my daily scripts from her, I know that I am given top-notch material that has been researched, verified, and also relatable. Loren goes the extra mile to make sure that I am not only comfortable with the material, but that I understand the flow and message of what we are trying to convey through her words. 

It goes without saying that a producer needs to be a great writer as well as a great storyteller. Loren is both of these. She also has personable communication skills, which is crucial when working in any organization, especially in the fast paced world of television. She is articulate, productive, persistent, and her passion for writing and producing is evident in the material that she puts on the air daily. 

She is a quick learner, a team player, and has a positive attitude. It is because of these reasons and more that I highly recommend Loren Gutentag without hesitation or reservation for any opportunity at your company. She will make a fantastic asset to your team. 

Kathy Buccio, On-Air Host/Writer/Producer

I worked with Loren for almost five years—she is organized, creative, and tenacious in solving problems. Management often trusted her to handle interviews, training, scheduling, and other tasks that needed to be done and done correctly. Whenever there were issues, she would work hard to figure it out or find someone who had the answers. She was a great coworker—and friend!

Christiana Lilly, Web Editor at Boca Magazine

I am delighted to recommend Ms. Loren Gutentag for employment in your organization. I have known Loren since August of last year, when she began as a student in my RTV 4301 Broadcast Journalism course. The centerpiece of the class was and still is South Florida Journal, a weekly local radio news program emulating NPR newsmagazines.

Of the approximately forty broadcast journalism students I taught that year, only a handful struck me as truly fine journalists in the making. Ms. Gutentag was among them.

Since we first met, she has consistently impressed me with her intellectual curiosity, aptitude, initiative, exceptional level of accomplishment, and maturity.

Loren’s second spot story assignment in Broadcast Journalism was exemplary of her excellent work throughout the semester. She reported on Palm Beach Gardens’ discussions of tax incentives to keep a local company (and its jobs) in the area.

Ms. Gutentag obtained official comment, something that already set her apart from most
students. Yet she also deftly interwove her explanation of the city’s proposal with allusions to a controversial, failed job incentive project looming over the discussions.

Tens of millions of state and local tax dollars, as well as hundreds of promised jobs, had been lost when a well-known digital production company filed for bankruptcy.

That issue was not mentioned in the newspaper article I assigned Loren as a starting point for her piece. However, she picked up on the Digital Domain case’s relevance to her piece and clearly underscored its significance for listeners.

I again had the privilege of working with Ms. Gutentag in the spring of 2013, when she and a number of her classmates from the previous semester returned as members of my Advanced Broadcast Journalism class. They took the roles of editors and producers, largely assuming responsibility for producing South Florida Journal each week.

In addition, they mentored my new Broadcast Journalism students. And they did so with aplomb. Loren also assisted me by advising my JOU 4181 Coverage of Public Affairs students as they developed first edits of their final projects in course. It was here that her gifts as a news editor, previously apparent as a student in Broadcast Journalism, absolutely shined. Several of the students thanked me for affording them the opportunity to benefit from Ms. Gutentag’s insights.

Loren’s achievements at this stage in her life are striking. As a student reporter, she has produced work of high quality. Ms. Gutentag has also demonstrated enormous potential as an editor. And she has certainly helped me further my vision of peer mentoring and maintain very ambitious course goals. After two semesters of working with Loren, I look to her more as a colleague than as a former student.

Any employer would be fortunate to have Ms. Loren Gutentag working on their team. Thus I am delighted to recommend her. Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Kevin M. Petrich, Ph.D.
Instructor and General Manager, Wavelengths Webcast
School of Communication & Multimedia Studies