Packers’ Jordy Nelson Herds Cattle on Family Farm in Off-Season

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Despite signing a $39 million dollar contract this year with the Green Bay Packers, wide receiver Jordy Nelson continues to work up to 12 hours a day on his family farm in Riley, Kansas, during the off-season, USA Today reports.

“Working cattle is my favorite farm duty,” Nelson told ESPN. “I probably identify more as a farmer [than a football player].”

According to Business Insider, Nelson says growing up on a farm prepared him for his career with the NFL.

“First is the discipline. Growing up on a family farm, that’s where our income came from and we rely on everybody to do their part … hard work as well,” Nelson said in an interview with The 700 Club earlier this year. “The first thing that comes up about farming is the hard work. That connection we had as a family, being around each other, relying on one another, I think it was great.”

The farm boy football star, who has earned $28 million in his career so far, has made 49 career touchdowns and was a Pro Bowler in 2014. His most recent $39 million contract runs for four years.

In addition to his hard work on the field, Nelson says you can still find him herding the 1,000 cattle that reside on his farm or driving the wheat combine, USA Today reports.

Watch the video here.

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