The Dish: The Pizza Burger!


The Dish: Pizza burger

The Place: Time to Eat Diner, 716 U.S. Highway 1, Tequesta. 744-9768 or

The Price: $5.25 or make it a deluxe for $8.25

The Details: It is always time to eat at the Time to Eat Diner, but the real question is, what to eat?

Although the menu offers everything including Polish, Italian, Greek and American fare, we couldn’t resist the pizza burger.

The pizza burger is a New Jersey favorite and at Time to Eat Diner, they do it just right — fresh, wholesome and delicious.

Mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce melted on top of a hamburger patty with a side of lettuce and tomato will leave you wanting more. And, since we made it a deluxe, we can’t forget about the crispy fries, jumbo onion rings and coleslaw to help hit the spot.

Next time, no matter the time, we’ll have to add a chocolate milkshake.

Originally Published in Florida Weekly. 

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