The Universal Hydroflight Trick

Hydroflight athletes continue to take the sport to new levels and not only did some of the top flyers representing five different boards compete in their very first open board competition, but some athletes are throwing tricks that will turn your universe upside down … literally.

Rush Bragg, currently ranked as the No. 10 hydroflight athlete in the world took home the first place trophy for “best trick” in Session One’s competition last weekend.

Photo by Loren Gutentag
Photo By Loren Gutentag

What did he do? A never been done trick titled “The Universal,”  a combination of a triple backflip and the always challenging infinity flip.

“Essentially, it’s more difficult than just your regular triple flip,” said Rush, the mastermind behind The Universal and the first hydroflight athlete to perfectly execute the trick.

“You’re constantly changing your flip direction while trying to avoid hitting the hose making the move way more complex than your average flip. You know you landed a perfect Universal when your hose takes the shape of a curvy ‘W’.”

And, while hydroflight athletes continue to think of new ways to “wow” spectators and their fellow athletes, it makes sense that Rush Bragg a.k.a Superman was the first ever to complete a move as intricate as The Universal — it’s a triple’s kryptonite.

Originally Published in H2RO Magazine. 

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